MSN Games Free Online

MSN games are not only free, but they are also easy to learn and fun to play.
You can also download and eat some of the free MSN online games listed below.
Solitaire, chess, mahjong, and many more popular classic games of our choice.
Note that we’ve also included some MSN games that you can play alone or with friends

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MSN Games Free Online
MSN Games Free Online

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MSN Games (also known as Zone) is a Microsoft-owned website known for its single-player, multiplayer, PC downloads, and social casino video games.

It was extremely popular in the ’90s especially since they were for free, having been pre-installed with any Windows OS.

MSN games were introduced with a few cards and board games such as Hearts, Spades, Checkers, Backgammon, or Bridge.

Later, a collection of online games was created to include other puzzles, sounds, and trivia, or action and arcade games.

Although Microsoft has announced that it will discontinue support for popular games mentioned in older versions of Windows, you can continue playing them in Windows 10.

Quick instructions:

If you are looking for the best gaming experience, we recommend using Opera GX as the main browser as it brings some special features for gamers.

Surely you will find the free ad blocker very useful, as well as the network limiter which lets you set a bandwidth limit, and has smooth gaming sessions with other programs running in the background.

MSN Games Free Online Games

Launched in 1996, MSN Games, aka Gaming Zone, remains a gathering place for numerous PC games (mainly those games published by Microsoft Dave). Crime Stories 2: In the Shadows and Kingdom Builders – Players looking for some competition in games like Solitaire can log on to the site’s excellent matchmaking points. MSN Games is the best place for free online games for free game lovers. When it comes to the best free games like Hidden Objects.

MSN Zone offers adventure, match 3 games, time management, puzzles, arcade/strategy, card/board, word/game show, poker/casino, and many more MSN games. And there are so many games to play, that we decided to share our top 5 places.

The top 5 best MSN games are free online games that you can enjoy at

The best thing about MSN Game Zone is that you need to sign up for a profile first. If this is your first time or an existing profile, you don’t need one After that part, go to the free game center and have a bunch of fun.

Top Free Games by MSN Zone

MSN Games Free Online Solitaire

Anyone who has been to an online game must have played solitaire at least once.

In its simplest form, the Klondike, the goal was to arrange all thirteen cards in each suit in a single team running from Ace to King.

Typically, the ace was the first card on which one or two of the same suit were placed, then three and many more.

At the end of the game, the winner is rewarded with an endless cascading card compliment, unless someone chooses to start another game. It was really impressive.

But the most advanced players must know that there are different types of solitaire games depending on how visible the cards are. The style mentioned above is known as a simple builder.

Kingdom Builders – Solitaire

The kingdom of Iberia is at war. Soon resources will be depleted and people will suffer. Queen Pronoia has sent her daughter, Princess Kalmia, on a mission to the island of Kiridros to build a new home for the Iberians. The princess is guided by the trustworthy royal city builder Bardriel.

Play through the fifteen steps to build an exciting new territory. The game begins to fulfill its purpose by creating workshops, towers, sacred structures, prefectures, and much more. Decorate the city with fountains and sculptures. Collect resources to do all this by playing different solitaire game levels.

1. A solitaire card game set in a city-building theme.
2. Collect resources by playing solitaire
3. More than 100 levels with unique layouts offering hours of Gameplay.
4. Exciting power-ups to help you win.
5. Get bonus powers and resources from constructed buildings.


MSN Games Free Online Mahjong

Microsoft’s Mahjong, also known as Mahjong Solitaire, is a puzzle, single-player game based on the same name game made in China, but has nothing to do with the rules or the original version.

The game is played with a set of 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols. The purpose is to match the open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board, exposing the tiles beneath them for play.

The game ends when all pairs of tiles are removed from the board or when no more pairs are left open.

Expert Tip: Some PC issues are difficult to deal with, especially when it comes to malicious storage or missing Windows files. If you have trouble fixing an error, your system may partially crash. We recommend installing Restore, a tool that will scan your machine and detect errors.

Currently, you can find different versions of the original online game with different environments in the zone.

10×10 Classic

This is Microsoft’s basic version of a Tetris-like puzzle game. The goal of the game is to create blocks of the same color, which disappear after arranging in horizontal lines.

The game can go on forever until you run out of room on the grid to place any blocks.

Unlike the original physical Tetris, in the online version, the blocks do not fall from above, forcing the player to choose a position. These also cannot be reversed and the horizontal lines do not fall downwards as the blocks disappear.

This game is about quick thinking and decision-making. Since it can be played online, you can compete with your friends and acquaintances. It’s like trying it once, I’ve never played it before.

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Recently, Microsoft launched a new version of their Jigsaw game, allowing fans to play it in the future, even after the classic Flash version retires in late 2020.

Microsoft has launched 3 new puzzles every day to entertain the fans. Also, the range of puzzle options is very large, so for sure you can’t get bored easily.

Of course, one can choose their skill level, from easy (24pcs) to difficult (100pcs).


Microsoft’s game of chess is based on the classic game of chess, only played on a computer. Rivals can be virtual or real.

Otherwise, all the rules are the same, and the piece looks similar to the real ones. There is no time limit and one can choose the level of skill to play.

The goal of the game is educational, as is the case with most MSN-free games. Although an online version, it had the same emotional benefits associated with memory and strategic thinking as the original chess game.

The more popular the game, the more chess champion Gary Kasparov took part in a chess championship hosted by Microsoft.

Crime Stories In the Shadows

Police Detective John Doyle gave up everything to seek revenge after losing his family in a vicious criminal attack. Now his search for revenge has led him to New York City, where he hopes to bring the hammer of justice to the rest of those responsible. Once there, he was attracted to the struggles of the city. In partnership with Officer Kate Hawthorne, she has been tasked with stopping recent gang violence. What seemed to be a simple task soon became more complicated, and John could not shake the growing suspicion that in the dark depths of his new case, he would find the answers he would begin to look for.

1. John’s search for revenge continues in this new sequel to the original story!
2. Search for clues in a thrilling crime drama and find the culprits.
3. Five chapters and twenty upgrades follow John’s progress as he unveils the dark secrets of the city.
4. Enjoy the challenging hidden object puzzle to find every piece of evidence that will bring you.

Camelot: Wrath of the Green Knight

Collector’s Edition
The mysterious kingdom of King Arthur and the dark clouds hovering over Camelot. When the Lady of Lake goes missing, her husband, the Green Knight, accuses King Arthur, of threatening Camelot’s peace for all. As Marlin’s apprentice, you have been accused of showing that King Arthur could not be blamed and could probably find the real culprit behind this heinous abduction. Now in this game, you have to prove that you deserve to be a court mage. Will you be able to prevent the war and find the spy who is planning to bring down the king?

1. Monsters have appeared in the kingdom of Camelot! In this second chapter, you will again save the day with your intellect and magic!
2. New stories and HOPA scenes
3. New mini-games and puzzles
4. Collectible and find the form

Arcana Sands of Destiny

Collector’s Edition
Black clouds have accumulated over Egypt. Evil creatures crawl on the ground like shadows, destroying everything in their path. You are Jenny Hopkins, a brilliant archaeologist on a magical and dangerous adventure to discover the dark secrets of Egypt’s past and eradicate the long-forgotten evil from this world. Your fiance William has found strange antiquity in Egypt with old inscriptions. You manage to travel to Egypt and translate it. Only to find the city of Alexandria is plagued with monsters and William very ill. Is it a coincidence, or has someone planned for it? Of course not. Start an epic Egyptian journey to find out who is behind all this. Make new friends along the way. Discover magic patterns. Complete non-repetitive puzzles, mini-games, and HO levels. And the love of the mummy removes the ancient evil from this world forever.

1. Explore 3 Ancient Kingdoms + Bonus chapters.
2. More than 5 hours of gameplay!
3. Unlock 15 achievements.
4. Hire companions to help you on your journey.
5. Collect Arcana coins to build your palace. Choose Renaissance, medieval or Arabic styles, or mix them up and create your style step by step.
6. Interactive animated characters with voiceover.
7. Incredible music and sound effects.
8. Hint system to help you through your adventures.

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Farm Frenzy Refreshed

Collector’s Edition
Slip in a pair of overalls and give us your best ya-hao! Enjoy all the thrills of running your ranch without having to deal with any spills or unpleasant odors! From feeding unruly animals to collecting fresh eggs to making delicious donuts, you will turn a humble homestead into a thriving agribusiness! Although you have to be on your toe-sun-kissed toes. Hungry bears and other animals will try to defeat your efforts as you run to meet your goal at each level. But you don’t have to worry; You will have all the tools you need to deal with each of these evil creatures. Are you ready to get started? From sunrise to sunset, farm insanity is crazy, impressive, and fun!

1. Master 90 all-new levels
2. Learn to play using interactive tutorials

Collector’s Edition Features:
1. Bonus section with 20 levels
2. Build a busy farm from scratch
3. Gain credit for playing efficiently
4. Extensive level guide
5. Download the available soundtrack
6. Attractive desktop wallpapers


Battleship is a classic naval warfare game that combines competition, strategy, and excitement. In head-to-head combat, you look for fleets of enemy ships and destroy them one by one. No ship is safe in this game of stealth and suspense.

Indicate your own fleet:
Try to defend your own fleet while you destroy your opponents. This is a battle you must win! Feel the thrill of battle when you fight on the high seas in a game of war. Take charge and direct your own fleet to defeat the enemy.

Find your opponent’s ship frost:
This is completely out of the attack. Strategically position your ships to avoid endless strikes. Then aim at your opponent’s ships and destroy them.
Unlock prizes:

The more you win naval battles the more you will be promoted and unlock amazing rewards like more destructive attacks to use strategically. Just make sure you don’t utter that famous line: “You sank my warship!”

Read from MSN
Recent games such as Flight Simulator 98 and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds have used the zone lobby system for matchmaking. For many games like this, no replacement service has been announced. The first game in the Flight Simulator series to use in-game matchmaking was Flight Simulator X, released in early 2007, a few months apart without MSN-supported matchmaking services.

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