Inner Matrix Systems Overview

What is System Matrix

“Inner Matrix Systems – Personal Arts and Sciences IMS is a personal skills training system for high achievers. At IMS we use our proprietary IM method to reuse, train and align the nervous system, emotion, and thinking techniques. Real-life results. Past 20 Over the years, IMS has developed a proven approach (technology, tools, strategies, and communities) that teaches individuals how to apply the personalized arts and sciences in their lives. It’s a process designed to build self-reliance. The IM method is a powerful synthesis of the science of mindfulness and the science of neurobiology. ”

Inner Matrix Systems Overview
Inner Matrix Systems Overview

Inner Matrix Systems Apprentice Program

The Inner Matrix sheds light on a proven approach to personal dominance and truly rich and meaningful living. A powerful synthesis of the science of mindfulness and the science of neurobiology, Klein provides a state-of-the-art system for rebuilding, training, and aligning the nervous system, emotion, and thought techniques, enabling readers to create the life of their choice. Those involved in Klein’s Inner Matrix System training regularly experience: stress reduction, increased focus, higher mental intelligence, improved health and wellness, and increased access to insights. Includes a five-week strategy guide to integrating the practices of the Inner Matrix system into your daily life.

“Joy Klein has linked ancient traditions with art to Western scientific and biomedical research. She shares strong testimonies and shining examples of the benefits gained through her deliberate training methods.”
– Michael L. Weaver, Emergency Medical Physician “Joy Klein” has created a guide that I can give to a client who shows the way to greater inner peace, reduce anxiety in medical terms, increase focus, and improve hormone optimization, to improve among other treatments. By following the same guidelines given in the book, I could easily get 80% fewer client visits. ”

Inner Matrix Systems Reviews

Review of the Inner Matrix Systems community

1. Rebecca Radell – rated it 5 stars and said I finished reading it and I thought it was the best book ever! If you are looking for a book that will help you change from the inside out and make a difference in their lives, then this book is for you! The Inner Matrix is ​​an eye-opening book that lets you control your life instead of controlling your emotions. It takes hard work, but the changes you start to see in your life are real and lasting. Great reading, great exercise, and a life-changing experience.

2. Kimberly Peterson – rated it 4 stars and said I started this book feeling a little cautious and skeptical. To begin with, the idea of ​​printing seemed far removed from the previous generation. The chapters on Sensitive Awareness and Mindfulness were as valuable as ever, and those parts resonated with me.

The section on physical health was more elaborate, and I found the food preferences section to be privileged and promotional. I have been wary of the spiritual realm because religious practice and/or anything that comes close to believing in a higher power reflects my resistance.

But it was better than expected, and the connection with the earlier parts of the self was understandable. The last two chapters had the most impact. In addition, I read it as part of a CT introductory meditation group. Daily meditation practice and weekly discussions have really brought the material to life. I had some major insights that I didn’t expect and they already served me well.

Although I thought this book could be significantly reduced, I find it worthwhile and would recommend it to those who want to make a difference in their lives. I would encourage participation in a CT group so you can ask questions, be accountable, and engage in daily practice.

Kristin – rated it 4 stars and said
What I have learned through this book is nothing short of life-changing. Like any book on self-mastery, it works if you take the suggested steps, but even if you don’t, there’s some great content for self-reflection and growth!

Lynda Spratley – rated it 5 stars and said
This book has changed my life! I read it with a book club and it has enriched the reading experience even more.

Mary Fletcher – rated it 2 stars and said
I read this book as part of my group at work. I have learned some useful techniques, such as allowing yourself to feel the emotion but letting go of the thoughts and letting it dissipate, and also a meditation where you try to move from the love-based emotion mentality to the fear-based emotion-creating situation.

There should be better books on these topics though. Throughout the book, it seems that the author is re-packaging strategies he has learned elsewhere to make money and pushing out additional ideas that have no basis other than belief. The chapter that bothered me the most suggested that women who work during pregnancy harm their babies and should not be allowed to like babies until they are teenagers because they do not have the skills to choose and bad patterns will form which will cause problems for their whole life. His claims have no basis. Also, none of the studies mentioned are cited.

I would give the book 1 star, but I also found value in some of the strategies and convenient book groups he described.

Gretchen – rated it 1 star and said
Too bad I need an editor but my meditation has enhanced the game and given me a lot to think about. A second reading will probably be even more beneficial.
Edit: Do you know what enhances the meditation game? Meditate more.

As much as I think about it, this book is awesome. Written by an arrogant, Wannabe guru is trying to lead a ragtag tag cult.

The book has zero scientific evidence and zero footnotes and it is written like a person who is trying very hard to listen smartly. Unnecessary sentences, no structure, terrible by all means. Ike

Joey Klein is definitely an insecure little weird guy trying to create a pyramid scheme/cult and monetize something that is free for everyone ধ্য meditation.

Give me a break.

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Bernetta Linden – rated it 1 star and said
Written by Joey Klein, founder of the Inner Matrix System, the book, previously known as Conscious Transformation, was used to take people into a cult. Joey Klein has a complete program where people volunteer to hold book groups and invite people to attend. I was invited by a colleague. I attended a few sessions but quickly felt uncomfortable with the way the leader was talking. I did a little research and found that it is a religion and he uses these groups as a role/appointment in the cult. Protect yourself from the high pressure of joining and rejecting invitations. There are many strings attached.

Inner Matrix Systems – Art and Science of Personal Mastery

If you want to make a difference in your life, please join them for a free 3-week role with Inner Matrix System. Inner Matrix Systems (IMS) is a personal skills training system for high achievers … it’s you. They say if you want to improve your quality of life and are willing to take action, it is good to be a high achiever!

IMS was founded by Joey Klein, CEO, and author of The Inner Matrix. In The Inner Matrix, Joey outlines a blueprint for a rich and meaningful lifestyle of your own design by applying the Inner Matrix method – a powerful synthesis of the science of human mindfulness and the science of neurobiology. This simple, practical approach helps people at all levels of life to overcome stress and master their emotions and thinking strategies to find success and fulfillment in their lives.

They say that in this role of IMS, we are going to learn about the dynamic interplay between our emotions, our thinking, and our nervous system and how training them gives us access to the life we ​​have always hoped for. They further said that this is an opportunity to create something amazing in your life and we invite you to be our guest.

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What is a Matrix Management System

The organizational structure of a business has far-reaching effects on overall business growth, especially in terms of employee productivity and operational efficiency. Thus, businesses take their organizational structure very seriously. One of the different approaches that companies take in this regard is matrix management.

Understanding matrix management

Matrix management is a form of organizational structure where employees report to multiple bosses instead of one. It eliminates the one-boss, vertical system that most companies use and brings a system where employees have multiple superiors with both function and project lines.

With a matrix management system, employees of different functional departments are distributed in product/project teams where they can work with colleagues in other functional departments. For example, in a specific project/product team, we may have employees working together to deliver engineering, sales, customer success, products, or projects.

The most important argument for matrix management is that it provides more efficiency than the traditional vertical management framework. Under a vertical management structure, there is a CEO at the top, a supervisor in the middle department and at the bottom, we have regular employees in different departments who report to a supervisor. But, how is the matrix management structure more efficient?

How matrix management works in practice

Matrix management skills significantly reveal how this is practiced. Typically, companies that adopt a matrix management style are formed to work with both functional and product/project or geographic lines. Here. We will use the fictional company ABC Plc, a semiconductor manufacturer with headquarters in London.

Inner Matrix Systems Project/product

ABC Plc has a number of projects in the pipeline, including a new blockbuster graphics card project. Thus, each project will have a project team led by a project manager, with team members from various functional areas of the company such as engineering, finance, sales and marketing, procurement, and supply.

At Matrix Management each employee will have at least two managers – the head of their separate executive division and the project manager. For blockbuster graphics projects, for example, a finance employee will report to both the finance chief and the project manager for a graphics card.

Inner Matrix Systems Geography

Although less common, the matrix management structure can also be applied to organizations spread across multiple geographic regions. Assuming ABC Plc has regional offices across the country, with one in Liverpool, the HR manager will report to both senior Liverpool officials as well as headquarters in London.

Advantages of matrix management structure

Matrix management organizational structure awaits some of the benefits of companies and includes:

1. Combining skills and competencies

When different people from different departments work together, it helps to solve problems in a more effective way. This leads to the overall development of the staff as everyone comes in contact with different functions in addition to their primary work. This helps them to pick more technical and soft skills.

2. Cooperation and collaboration

The matrix management framework has the potential to boost employee morale as employees work with each other to achieve specific goals.

3. Innovation

Contrary to popular opinion, matrix management actually encourages innovation. Project teams will consist of employees with different backgrounds, who can see problems in different ways. It influences the dynamic thinking in the product or project development process.

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4. Flexibility

Once the project is completed or the product is phased out, employees may be reassigned to other jobs or projects. This will prevent monotony and bring flexibility to the work of the employees.

Inner Matrix Systems Difficulty of management

There are some downsides to adopting a matrix management organizational structure, some of which are described below:

1. Potential loss of accountability

When a firm adopts a system where employees have to report or work with multiple bosses, accountability issues can arise. In normal, traditional classification structures, the manager of a particular functional department is easily held accountable for departmental errors. For example, if the department performs less than expected, the HR manager will be held accountable.

However, under the matrix management structure, there are two or more managers, and it becomes quite difficult to delegate responsibility exclusively to anyone or any department.

2. Dual-reporting and potential conflicts

Another problem that can arise in a firm with a matrix management structure is that double reporting can lead to conflict and confusion. Employees have to deal with different bosses with different working styles.

3. Slow decision-making process

With a matrix management system, decisions have to be made by two or more managers. This can slow down the decision-making process considerably and affect the rate of work delivery.

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