The Dallas Mavericks stunned the Phoenix Suns in Game 7

Sun had the best record in the NBA. Regular season, and went to the finals last year. This time too they could not get out of the playoffs of the second round.

A Game 7 play-off in the N.B.A is considered to be the most exciting, intense type of game, where high betting brings out the best in both teams.

It doesn’t always work that way, but rarely does a team break up as thoroughly as Phoenix Sun did on Sunday night.

By halftime, Suns fans were seated in their seats, Phoenix players looked blank as they sat on the bench, and Mavericks’ Luca Donsic couldn’t stop laughing.

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The Phoenix disaster was going well.

The team lost 123-90 to top-seeded No. The Dallas Mavericks have 4 out of 7 games in the Western Conference semifinal series in Phoenix on Sunday. Dallas, who led by 46 points in the second half and never fell behind on Sunday, will face Golden State in Game 1 of the conference final in San Francisco on Wednesday.

The Dallas Mavericks stunned the Phoenix Suns in Game 7
The Dallas Mavericks stunned the Phoenix Suns in Game 7

The Sun dominated the regular season and set a franchise record to win with one goal in mind: Return to N.B.A. Final for the second year in a row – and win the championship this time.

Now, they don’t even get a chance to try.

“I know they didn’t want to play that way,” said Sanchez coach Monty Williams. “We basically played the worst game of the season tonight. That team has a lot of character and honesty. I know how bad they wanted it. We could not execute tonight. Couldn’t make a shot at first, and it messed up a bit with us. Dallas played with their tails off from start to finish. ”

Donsick scored 35 points in the fourth quarter without playing at all, including 10 rebounds and 4 assists. Spencer added 30 points from the bench for Dinweed Dallas and Jalen Brunson scored 24.

“I can’t get that smile out of my mouth right now,” Donsick said after the game. “I’m really happy.”

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Dallas coach Jason Kidd said: “She is Luka. She loves the stage. As he gets older, he gets better. ”

For Phoenix, the loss comes at the end of a season that started badly when the N.B.A. Sun and W.N.B.A. Robert Server, owner of its Phoenix Mercury, began an investigation. Current and former employees accused the server of racist, sexist, and otherwise inappropriate behavior. It is learned that the results of the investigation have not been released yet.

On the court, it was the most promising season for the sun in 12 years. They were almost unbeaten by scoring 64-18 in the regular season.

They have lost three of their first four games but then moved on to an 18-game winning streak, including two wins against Mavericks and one against Golden State. The Sons set a franchise single-season winning record with their 63rd win, which came in a game against the Los Angeles Lakers that knocked the Lakers out of the playoffs.

The Sun was led by two All-Star Guards: Devin Booker, 25, and Chris Paul, 37, his 17th N.B.A. Weather. Paul went to N.B.A for the first time last season. Final

Suns Wing Mikal Bridges was voted second in the league’s Defensive Player of the Year award and Williams was named Coach of the Year.

As the playoffs approached, Williams worked to balance the players’ desire to rest, which they expected could be a long playoff run, so they needed to continue playing.

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They have lost four of their last six games but have entered the playoffs as number one. 1 seed to easily advance as a heavy favorite in their brackets.

From the beginning, their path was rockier than expected. The Sun took six games to beat the New Orleans Pelicans, who advanced to the playoffs through a play-in tournament after having a ninth-best record in the Western Conference.

Sun has the most wins and finals in any N.B.A. The team that did not win any championship.

They made their third trip to the Phoenix Final last season and fell to Milwaukee Buck after winning the first two games and losing four in a row.

Box also dropped out of the playoffs on Sunday, losing a Game 7 to the Boston Celtics, who will face the top-seeded Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals starting Tuesday.

Asked to compare how he felt on Sunday night after losing in the final last season, Booker said: “Same, you know, our goal is less. It hurts even though we were a little closer last year.

Sunday’s game between the Sun and the Mavericks was won by the road team for the first time. In the previous three games in Phoenix, Sun Suu Kyi lost by an average of 19 points per game.

At this time, there is no incentive for Phoenix to stay at home.

By halftime, the Sun had eight assists and seven turnovers. Their entire team scored 27 points – just as much as Donsik had in the first half. Booker and Paul, their attacking leaders, failed to score any of the 11 field goals they tried to score.

Said some pressure was probably on them at first because they missed some shots that they usually kid.

Dallas led by 30 points at halftime but did not finish.

Kidd said even at halftime we talked about it, what they did to us last time here

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In 5 games in Phoenix, Sans beat Mavericks 33-14 in the third quarter. On Sunday, Dallas beat Phoenix by 12 points in the third quarter, turning a big lead into an unbeaten one.

Paul said we never made the game competitive.

Booker finished with 11 points; Paul, 10. Center Diandre Aiton, who was first selected overall by the Sons in the 2018 draft when Donsick was available, played just 17 minutes 27 seconds and scored just 5 points. He will be a limited free agent this off-season.

“Is this still a kind of shock?” Dr. Dinweed. “Basketball is the best team of the season. They have to give credit for the season they had.

“It simply came to our notice then. We were convinced that we could win the match. Although I don’t think anyone is calling for a 40-point Game 7 win. ”

Phoenix Suns’ season ends with blowout Game 7 loss to Dallas Mavericks

The Phoenix Suns hosted the Dallas Mavericks in Game 7 of their Western Conference NBA Playoff semifinal series on Sunday. It did not fare well after losing 123-90 and was eliminated from the playoffs.

Sanchez’s season ended with a loss to Mavericks in Game 7
The Phoenix Suns lost 123-90 to the Dallas Mavericks in their 7th game of the NBA Playoff Series on Sunday night, ending the Suns season in the Western Conference semifinals.

The Mavericks were led by Luka Donsic with 35 points from the game, going from 12 to 19 off the field. Spencer Dinweid added 30 points and Jalen Brunson has 24 points.

Cameron Johnson had 12 points, led by Phoenix. Chris Paul had just 10 and Devin Booker had just 11. Diane Aiton had only five points.

Suns 33-for-87 shots from the field at play.

Mavericks was 46 for-81. They also hit 3-point attempts in 19 of 39.

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