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A domain name is an important part of your website’s online presence. Choose wisely how potential visitors will remember you.

Register Free Domains

Your website needs a domain name, such as, and a smart business knows that there is a way to get it for free. However, truly free domains are bad for business because they will cost you your credibility. This does not mean that you have no choice. What you don’t realize is that you can get a free and completely valid domain by purchasing other necessary website services.

Freenom Register - Register Free Domains
Freenom Register – Register Free Domains

For example, if you create your site in WordPress, your web hosting will be needed for your site to go live on the web. The best web hosting companies like Bluehost offer low-cost but feature-rich plans with free extras with a domain like 2.95 per month.

With more than 370 million domain names registered in the last quarter of 2020, domain names are hot selling products. In fact, there is such a huge demand for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to allow new top-level domain registration.

With so many domain names being registered, you would think that domain names now cost a fortune.

After all, product prices usually follow demand, right?

Yet this is not really the case with domain names. In general, it goes from around $ 10 to $ 12 depending on where you buy domain names from. I’ve even seen some sales periods where you can get a domain name for as low as $ 0.99.

Domain names that are cheap to register often come with a catch – renewal fees are often much higher than what you bought. Take for example the 1 & 1 Ionos which lets you register a .biz domain but charges $ 20 for the next renewal.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the address of your website that people type in a browser to visit your website. For example,

Simply put, if your website is a house, then your domain name will be its address.

The whole Internet world is a huge network of computers. Each computer is assigned a number called an IP address and it looks like this:

Now, this address is not easy for everyone to remember or memorize. Imagine that you have to use this type of address to visit the websites of your choice.

The domain name was originally introduced to solve this problem.

Domain names can contain alphabets and numbers, which help business owners create brand names for their website addresses.

100% Free Domain Names – For Real?

In terms of the relatively difficult fee structure and organization of domain names, you may be wondering if it is possible to get a domain name for free.

The answer is a resounding …

Remember where I mentioned that ICANN gets a fee for selling domains under its management? Well, ICANN is not the only organization that manages domain names.

ICANN was founded in 1998 but has TLDs that existed before its existence or are otherwise outside its jurisdiction. Of these, country-code TLDs (ccTLDs) are the most important to note in the issue of sovereignty.

How each of these TLDs operates depends on the country. In the UK, for example, .uk ccTLD is overseen by Nominet UK, which administers the .tk domain of Freenom on the small island of Tokelau (population only 1,500 strong).

How to get a free domain?

There are two main ways you can get a free domain name and it is through Freenom or a web hosting provider that offers a free domain name with the purchase of a specific web hosting package they sell.

Register Free Domains from Freenom

dot .tk domain registry

Register Free Domains from Freenom
Register Free Domains from Freenom

Get free .tk / .ml / .cf / .ga / .gq domain names with Freenom
Screenshot of the free domain name option in Freenom.
You can register a free .tk, .ml, .ga, or .cf domain at Freenom for free.
Freedom is the registry operator responsible for .tk ccTLDs. These ccTLDs are provided free of charge except in some premium cases that usually involve trademark names, for example,, which costs about $ 1,800.

Due to the generous allocation of ccTLDs to the country’s .tk extension, they are widely registered and are currently the fifth most-registered TLD in the world, after .com, .net, .de and .cn, respectively.

The Freenom site is extremely easy to use and is primarily built around its domain name search engine. The only other apparent service is a public DNS system (like Google or Cloudflare). You can search for the domain name you want and the Freenom system will display a list of what is available (or not) and for what price.

A cursory search revealed that my name was not available in the .tk domain but in other ccTLDs where it was available (see image above). If you are looking for an alternative site due to the dome, there is also Dot TK, which is a subsidiary of Freenom.

What’s the catch?

Domain names are meant to be free. Although there is a ‘but’ and any domain registered with that extension is never deleted. If your site fails to respond to redirects, the domain will be taken offline. Worse, any traffic you create for the domain name is sold on the ad network.

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Register Free Domains from Web Hosting Company

Get Free .com / .org / .net / .store / .xyz Domains With Hosting Company

In addition to the free (and shady) .tk domains you may be able to get a free domain name from one of the web hosting providers. This is a much better option since in many cases the domains they are offering are more respectable extensions.

Register Free Domains from Web Hosting Company
Register Free Domains from Web Hosting Company

A good example of a web host that Hostinger is doing. This company is a full-service web hosting company that offers almost everything you need to host a website. Their hosting plans range from modest shared hosting options to powerful VPS hosting and cloud hosting options.

After all, if you sign up with some of their plans, they are offering free domain registration for the first year. It is also available in their shared hosting plans like premium and business plans. For just $ 2.15 and $ 3.45 per month, respectively, both come with a free domain name registration.

Hostinger is also a domain name registrar (recognized by ICANN) and if you are looking for alternatives to traditional .com extensions you can get several domain name extensions through them. The free domain name packaged with their hosting deals is not limited to .com but can be .xyz, .net, .info, .online, .store, .tech, .site, .webspace or .space.

What’s the catch?

In this case, I would say that the catch is not really a catch because you need web hosting to use your free domain name. Hostinger is a reputable company with a great track record and their web hosting deals are reasonably priced.

How to get a free .com domain

This article will help you choose the best company for a free .com domain name that will help you promote your website without spending a lot of money.

Register Free Domains from BlueHost

Bluehost is a leading name in the web hosting industry because it offers unlimited free web hosting with free email accounts. The company was founded in 2003 by Danny Ashworth and Matt Heaton. This is a favorite web host for those start-ups who have a low budget. Blue Host offers free .com domain names to its users for one year.

Register Free Domains from BlueHost
Register Free Domains from BlueHost

The company was acquired by Endurance International Group in 2010, and the company performs all activities. Currently, the company hosts more than two million websites.

Blue Host is the best choice for getting a free .com domain for various reasons:

Install WordPress with one click
It automatically backs up your website files and databases
Unlimited usage of bandwidth
Unlimited disk space
It gives you 30 days money-back guarantee
Web hosting offers you 3.95 / month
Free domain name
Free SSL certificate
Sign up with the link below and you will get a free domain name by purchasing a hosting

Register Free Domains from Wix

Get a free subdomain with the site builder company

Register Free Domains from Wix
Register Free Domains from Wix

Users receive a free subdomain when signing up for the Wix Free Plan.
Website builders allow you to build sites quickly and easily with little or no technical knowledge. They offer a lot of useful tools to help you with this and what you can afford for standard web hosting at a slightly higher price. In addition, some have free plans that you can get started with which include free subdomains for your site.

Wix – The king of website builders right now, valuable for many reasons. A major highlight of Wix is ​​that it has a free entry-level plan that comes with a free subdomain for accessibility to your site.

While it may be true that the plan is more limited than what a shared host can offer – it’s free!

If you like it, you can upgrade to one of their paid plans. I recommend Wix as one of the top website builder businesses.

For those who are on a free plan, your domain name will look something like this:
What’s the catch?

Websites in subdomains have a certain ‘cheapness’ and will appear to users in such a way that you are not serious enough to even get your own domain name. On the other hand, Subdomain Plus Website Builder and Hosting give you a great launching point for your website-owned career.

* Note: Remember that Wix may not be right for everyone. But a professionally designed website takes into account the costs that you have to pay for the theme, e.g. A good WordPress theme like Divi costs $ 89 – $ 249 (read the Divi Theme review here) – I would say Wix’s price is reasonable.

What is a domain name?

The Internet is a network of computers that are connected and able to communicate with each other using a network protocol called TCP / IP. To identify the machines themselves, they are assigned a numeric value called an IP address (eg: Since it is not possible to remember all those numbers for all the different sites, the concept of the domain name was introduced. The domain name of a website is a readable and memorable representation of a person with an IP address. Whenever someone types a domain name like, the browser communicates with a root domain name server which acts as a dictionary and provides the appropriate IP.

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What is a domain?

A domain name consists of two parts: the first is the top-level domain (TLD) and the second is the second-level domain (SLD). In the domain, TLD is “.org” and SLD is “All zone”. “HTTP” is not part of the domain name; Rather, it is a part of the protocol and the entire web address, called a URL. So, when you choose your domain name, you only worry about TLD and SLD.

SLD is where your creativity and originality come from. You can choose any name you like, as long as it does not infringe on anyone else’s trademark. You can only use alphanumeric characters and hyphens, although hyphens cannot be used continuously. Symbols and spaces are not allowed in the domain name either.

Frequently Asked Questions about Free Domain Names

Frequently Asked Questions about Free Domain Names
Frequently Asked Questions about Free Domain Names

How do I get a free domain name?

There are some domain names that can be registered for free, such as .tk and .cf. However, these domain names come with some unusual terms, so make sure you read the fine print carefully when applying for one. You can get a free domain name from Freenom or Hostinger.

How do I get a free domain name and hosting?

You can combine free web hosting like 000Webhost with a free domain name like .tk. However, some free web hosting providers suggest using a subdomain from which you can benefit.

How do I buy a domain name permanently?

The rights to a domain name are leased out on a periodic basis. When signing up for one, you can choose to pay in advance for a few years. To keep a domain name forever, choose to renew your domain name automatically, and charges will be automatically deducted for each payment interval. Here are 7 step-by-step instructions for buying a domain name

Does GoDaddy own my domain name?

Domain names are legally the property of the person or organization that registers them. Although GoDaddy is a popular place to register domain names, GoDaddy has options that you can (and should) explore. Remember that a domain name is different from web hosting although both are essential for your website.

How much does a domain name cost?

The cost of a domain name depends on the extension (e.g. com, net, info) and can vary greatly depending on when and where you register. 1 and 1 Ionos, for example, often have domain name promotions where you can get a .com for as little as 1 per year.

Which free domain is best?

Each type of free domain mentioned in this article has its own type. What you choose will depend on what you are willing to give up in return. Personally, I think getting a free domain name or even getting a free subdomain with a hosting package like Hostinger is a better option.

What is a domain name? – Who is the domain?

The only address on your website is a domain name. Which will enter your website. All domains are unique – you cannot register a domain name if it is registered by others. The company that manages the domain registration worldwide is known as ICANN.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to get a free domain name?

The best way to register a free business domain is to use a domain registrar that offers free domains as part of their web hosting plan. For example, Bluehost offers a free domain when you sign up for its মাসে 2.95 hosting plan per month. To get started, select a hosting plan, then follow the prompts to search for a domain, select an available one, and buy web hosting. Get step-by-step instructions for the domain name registration process.

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How to create a free email using a domain name?

Many hosting plans offer a free domain and at least one matching email address (e.g., [email protected]) with a free email account. Bluehost offers the best deals, including five free business email addresses for just $ 2.95 per month on ultra-low-cost plans. It comes with many other money-saving extras, such as a free domain name and a free SSL certificate. Learn more about how to get free email.

How do I get a free website?

There are many ways to get a free website to use open source content management systems like WordPress, from using site builders like Webbley with subdomains (and advertising). Those who create a professional business website will find WordPress as the best solution, which is free to use and enables you to connect a custom domain with third-party web hosting. Learn more about how to create your small business website.

The last row

If you want a free domain, your best bet is to get a valid domain for free through a provider that you already need. Whether it’s a হো 2.95 per month web hosting plan from Bluehost (those who use WordPress) or a free domain with a website builder like Squarespace. Either way, you will need a website for it to be live on the web, however, you will need one of these services so that you can get it for free.

You may also like this.

To help you find an available domain, get expert tips on choosing a domain name
Need to get a valid domain name and you are not ready to choose a Content Management System (CMS)? Get yours from the best domain name registrars.

When you register a domain name Or need to do?

On average, 56500+ .com domain names were registered per day in 2020.

Currently, over 151.8 million .com domain names are already registered. 366.3 million domain names are registered in all TLDs.

This means that all the good domain names we are talking about are being registered. Chances are that anyone can register a domain name that you are thinking of, so it is smart to register a domain name as soon as you think of an idea.

This is why all smart entrepreneurs actively register domain names even before starting a business.

Domain names are cheap, and you can register them for one year. If you decide not to follow the idea of ​​online business, you can let them expire.

The bottom line is, if you’re serious about building a business, you should register a domain name now.

This will help you to protect your brand identity, business name, and even future business ideas.

How much does a domain name cost?

Typically, a .com domain name costs 14.99 / year. The cost of a domain varies depending on each different extension or top-level domain. Some are even more expensive.

We do not recommend using anything other than the .com domain because everyone remembers a .com domain and has a pre-built key for .com on your smartphone keyboard.

Need a website to register a domain name?

You will not need a website to register a domain name. You can register a domain name and then create a website. You can also register a domain name and set up a temporary website or page coming soon with SeedProd.

Many entrepreneurs use domain names like digital real-estate, so they register a good domain name and hold it for the right buyer to buy from them for profit.

How to choose the best domain name?

Domain names play a vital role in the identity and success of your website. That’s why it’s important for you to think carefully about the domain name you choose.

However, it is also important not to over-think otherwise you will never get past the research phase.

Below are some general tips to keep in mind when searching for a domain name.

Make sure your domain name is as easy to pronounce, spell, and short as possible.
Stick to the .com extension because most users find it easier to remember than any other domain extension.

Use your keywords and brand names in your domain name search. For example, your company is more SEO friendly than your company

Do not use numbers or hyphens for your domain name. This makes them difficult to pronounce and difficult to remember.

Advanced Tips for Selecting a Domain

Advanced Tips for Selecting a Domain
Advanced Tips for Selecting a Domain

Keep it simple
Try to find a domain name that has only one possible spelling that everyone can remember. Choosing a simple domain name without confusing spelling Remember to choose a simple domain name without confusing difficult spellings, as a simple domain name will make it easier for visitors to reach your website.

Short is better
The smaller your domain name, the easier it is for your visitors to remember, type, and tell others about it. Try to use 6-10 characters in a row.

Avoid hyphens
A hyphen can really lose someone. Not to mention, embedding hyphens in someone’s memory may not be easy. If is taken and you decide to order because it is available, then you have a great chance of losing people at

Consider other extensions
If you find the perfect domain name ending in .com, it’s usually a good idea to choose other extensions like .net, .org, .info, .us, etc. because you can park these domains to point to your original one. Accounts to pick a visitor who might have to type in extensions.

Keep it singular
It follows the same logic applied to avoid hyphens. If is taken and you choose, then there is a good chance of sending your traffic to because most domains are singular instead of plural. This is not the case with keyword-rich domain selection.

If someone owns a domain of your choice and you see that it is not being used, run a WHOIS to find the owner and contact your interest in getting the domain.

Enrich this keyword
While this does not significantly affect SEO, it can help. For example, if people search for “Texas Motor Events”, can be a great domain just for the fact that people are looking for exactly what they are looking for.

Consider type-in-traffic
This applies when someone navigates directly to a website, typing what they are looking for, then typing “.com” into the URL bar of their browser. This goes hand in hand with the tip before choosing a keyword-rich domain.

Avoid number substitution
The numerical replacement doesn’t really work. Tell someone your site is “” and you’re sure to get confused.

Avoid slander
This is for the same reason as avoiding the number option. For example, is a bad alternative to

Make it brandable
In the early days of the Internet, no one knew what was going to happen to Google, Yahoo !, or Facebook. But now they do, and those domains are highly branded. It doesn’t hurt to be creative with your domain name in anticipation of future branding.

Avoid copyright issues
The last thing you want is legal trouble with your domain name.

Use a thesaurus
If you already have something you want, look for alternative words. This is a great way to come up with a creative name; However, make sure your alternative word is something that can be remembered and spelled correctly.

Industrial relations
If you sell products or offer services online, using a domain related to your industry is a great idea. If you can’t find a domain that matches your actual business name, this is a secondary “fall-back”. In an example like this, industry-related domains are more suitable for online sources or communities.

Take more time and choose a domain with real thinking all around. If you have a business partner or someone you trust, work together to create a name. In most cases, if your site is business-related, you already have a name.

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