Death Note Characters Quiz

Death Note is one of the most widely adapted mangas, past and present. It features anime, live-action drama series, spin-off manga stories, and an array of other media.

What Death Note Characters You Quiz

Death Note Characters
Death Note Characters

Are you one of those people who dump or forget their belongings wherever they go, such as their phones, money, documents, etc.? Hahaha, then you are like Shinigami (Death God) Reuk who has left his most important thing “Death Note”! This is no ordinary notebook but it has a special ability; The person whose name is written on this note dies instantly!

After the Ryuk Death note is dropped, it goes into the hands of the light Yagami. The light is portrayed as one of the most deserving and intelligent kids in town and the storyline begins to rise when he holds it! With his intelligence, he read the book for what it was and how to use it because it contained all the information related to it.

How well do you know “Death Note” plot? Do you know what the light has done with it? Light Yagami hired it for a good cause and promised to wipe out every criminal from the world. Whenever everyone noticed that the perpetrators were killing someone, they started looking for the mysterious person behind all this. Yes, no one knew that there was light behind it so he was known as Kira in the world!

Everyone was looking for Kira, after constantly losing the opportunity to find him, the Japanese government assigned Kira’s case to “L” while Light’s own father (police chief) was also looking into the case. Who do you think will win? Which Death Note character are you a relative of? If you want to track then take part in the Death Note Kin test !!!

Which character on the death note do you like the most?

There are many characters who have played a major role in Death Note but the question is which Death Note character do you like the most? Learn more about the best characters in Death Note before you answer the Death Note test.

Light is counted among those anime guys who have the most dynamic personalities and looks. Oh my God! He is simply irresistible !!! Light is followed by medium-length blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and usually a white shirt with a tie. Okay, let’s stop talking about her appearance and focus on her character.

After catching the death note, the light was seen as a person who valued human life, justice, and selflessness more than anything else. At first, Alo was on the right track and killed criminals and saved many lives by writing their names in notebooks, and became known all over the world as “Kira”.

However, the constant negative thoughts and actions of Death Note completely changed his personality which resulted in the killing of people who did nothing wrong but faced the wrath of light. The best part came when Lighted returned and was able to make up for all his wrongs. If you like death notes, check out our AOT quiz.

Death Note Characters

This article will focus on how old and long the characters in the Death Note anime series are. The height and age of most of the characters have been confirmed by the creator of the manga, Sugumi Ohba.

Those who are not can be guessed based on in-show context formulas.

The light Yagami is 5’10.5 ″ (179 cm) tall for his age. At the beginning of Death Note, he was only 17 years old but his strategic knowledge and moral stubbornness were much older than his. L is a few years older than light at the age of 24 when he makes his debut, although he is the same height: 5’10.5 ″ (179 cm).

They may be similarly combined in intelligence and intelligence, but Light and L look like complete opposites, although they are physically very similarly constructed. L rugged and distorted, when the lighting is like business and serious.

Because Ryuk and Rem Shinigamis are unknown. The assumption made by the fans is that they are just too old.

Based on the other characters in the show, Ryuk and Rem’s height can be estimated. Ryuk is thought to be 7’6.5 ″ (i.e. 230 cm)

Rem 8 ″ (i.e. 243.8 cm).

Death Note has a time skip that occurs directly after L’s death in 25 episodes, marking the end of Season 1. At the start of season 2, 5 years have passed and the replacement of L has been introduced.

The question in the death note is, what would happen if you could kill someone just by writing their name?

After dropping a death note in the kingdom of a bored Shinigami man, a high school student comes to handle the power of death with a sense of much more mature justice than his peers. But the more Light Yagami uses Death Note, the more dangerous his world will become.

Death note character height, age, and birthday chart
Below are the feet and cm height, age, and birthdays of the main characters of Death Note at the beginning of the show’s debut.

You can find the up-to-date age and height of any character that changed throughout the show in the text below this table.

Light Yagami5’10.5″ (179 cm)17February 28th
L5’10.5″ (179 cm)24October 31st
Ryuk7’6.5″ (230 cm)N/a1N/a1
Misa Amane4’11.8″ (152 cm)19February 14th
Near5’1″ (155 cm)17August 24th
Mello5’7.3″ (171 cm)19December 13th
Rem8″ (243.8 cm)N/a1N/a1
Watari5’9″ (175 cm)70May 1st
Teru Mikami5’9″ (175 cm)27June 7th
Soichiro Yagami5’11.3″ (181 cm)48July 12th
Touta Matsuda5’8.5″ (174 cm)25December 14th
Shuichi Aizawa6″ (183 cm)34May 11th
Hirokazu Ukita5’3″ (161 cm)26November 9th
Kanzo Mogi6’2″ (188 cm)30September 13
Kyosuke Higuchi5’6.5″ (169 cm)32June 6th
Aiber6’2.5″ (189 cm)33July 17th


Light Yagami – 28 February

Light Yagami - 28 February
Light Yagami – 28 February

Light Yagami (also known as Kira in the guise of a Death Note) is 17 years old when Death Note begins, making him a senior in high school. At the end of the series (and post a time skip), he is 23 years old. The light is tall for its age, measuring 5’10.5 ″ (179 cm). His height and dazzling intelligence make him look much older than he is.

Alo is a strange hero, pushing moral boundaries from the moment he picks up the Death Note. He started the program with the same desire as any decent person: to bring justice to an otherwise unjust world. However, once he realizes the power of the Light Death Note, his perception of his own moral goal is lost.

Although only a high school student at the beginning of Death Note, the intelligence of the light makes him seem more mature. He is often included in adult conversations or situations and is constantly appreciated.

The feeling of the right to light and is considered better than others of his age quickly led to the ruthless rule of light. He developed an authoritarian view of justice and was willing to do anything to get that view expressed.

L – 31st October

L - 31st October

L is 24 years old when he is first identified as a world-famous detective and 26 years old when Light kills him. He is the same height of light at 5’10.5 ″ (179 cm), but he is often seen leaning or folding in obscure sitting positions, so it is not always easy to say that the two are the same height.

Despite his shattered, careless appearance, El Death is one of the most intelligent characters on the note. He is taking on the task of finding and stopping Kira as a mastermind. However, L is often underestimated due to his lack of social skills and his strange habits.

I know very well how smart he is. He knows that he can be rude to government officials and powerful people (such as the Japanese task force) because he needs them more than they need him. And L will not stop at anything, not even a government threat, to settle a case.



The age of the Shinigamis is not the same as the way people do, so it is unknown how old Ryuk is. But he has aged to be annoyed in the Shinigami kingdom. Even for a shinigami, the Ryuk is 7’6.5 ″ (230 cm) tall.

It is Ryuk’s monotony that shuts down the events of Death Note. After writing direct instructions for using the death note, Ryuk throws it into the human state, where the light then falls on him.

Really, nothing to follow is entertainment for Ryuk. He likes to work as a game master for childish and death notes, only to say something important in light if it takes the game forward (or if he is given an apple).

Misa Amane – 14 February

Misa Amane - 14 February
Misa Amane – 14 February

Misa Amen at the age of 19 is slightly larger than light but much shorter, standing at only 4’11.8 ″ (152 cm). It makes her look much younger than she is, especially since she can be emotional, acting like a fascinated child around the light and following her heart most of the time.

It seems appropriate that Misa Aman’s birthday falls on Valentine’s Day because she seems to fall in love with the light as soon as she meets him.

He is already in Shinigami’s eyes when he meets the light. This allows him to be able to see people’s names even if they are not named. Alo happily uses this power when Misa claims that she is willing to risk herself to meet.

Near – August 24th

Near - August 24th
Near – August 24th

No close acquaintance was given after L’s death (and after 5 years of omission) because he was the next person to take L’s position. When he succeeded, he was 17 years old. He is much shorter than L at 5’1 tall (i.e. 155 cm). Although he may be smaller and smaller than the original L, he is no less powerful.

Near’s intelligence and ability are often questioned by older people because of his age and younger appearance. As is often the case when Near instructs others, they feel humiliated to take orders from someone who prefers to surround themselves with toys.

However, Near is exactly like L. that his ability to solve a case (or puzzle, as Near likes to think them) is extremely impressive.

Mello – 13 December

Mello - 13 December
Mello – 13 December

Mello is the oldest of L’s successors at about 19 years old after L’s death. He is also significantly taller than around 5’7.3 ″ (171 cm). But despite his physical advantages over Near and despite being a few years older, Melo did not become the next L.

When L dies, Watari tells Mello and Near to work together to inherit L and capture Kira as a team. But after being the second best at close range for most of his life, Mello rejects the position and decides to take on the task of stopping Kira himself.

Not because he wants to bring Kira to justice but because he wants to prove that he is better than ever. However, it takes him on a more criminal path to achieve his goal.



Like Ryuk, it is not clear how old Rem is because he is Shinigami. However, he has 2 death notes which suggest that he was long enough to achieve them over time. The RAM is 8 ″ (243.8 cm) taller than Raiuk, which makes him the tallest main character in Death Note.

Unlike Reuk, Rem does not entertain people. Instead, he has no respect for them and thinks they are inherently bad people. That’s why the relationship between Rem and Misa is so weird.

Rem cares deeply for her, helping Misa a lot more in meeting her goals. He finally sacrifices his life to save Misa. However, this was largely because Light Ram was forced to write a death note, which Misa also had to save.

Watari – 1st May

Watari - 1st May
Watari – 1st May

Wateri (aka Quills Wami) is one of the oldest human characters in the ’70s. He averages 5’9 ″ (175 cm) which is a testament to the rest of his average appearance. Although his background and playing part in the Death Note series are not so common.

It is Watery who is responsible for a collection of L, Near, Melo, and other high-IQ characters. Watery sought out the orphans’ excessive power and gave them a home in Wamir House (England), where he nurtured their natural talents.

Despite sometimes being a skilled investigator himself, Watery landed in his ward the role of a caring butler and father.

Teru Mikami – 6 June

Teru Mikami - 6 June
Teru Mikami – 6 June

Teru Mikami is identified after time skipping and is 27 years old. He has a normal height of 5’9 ″ (175 cm) for death notes and, at first, does not stand as anything other than a trader… which is why he is the perfect tool for lighting.

Like the light at the beginning of Death Note, Teru has a strict vision of how to deal with criminals and deal with injustice. Mikami is one of the many Kira fans who have collected lights.

But unlike others, light relies heavily on Mikami and his firm principles to accomplish the goals of light when light is monitored and cannot use death notes. However, Mikami begins to take an obsessive path, killing what he thinks is a potential problem even if they are still committing a crime. This, the lights do not agree.

Soichiro Yagami – 12 July

Soichiro Yagami - 12 July
Soichiro Yagami – 12 July

Soichiro Yagami was just 48 years old when he made his debut on the Death Note. But the pressure to become the head of Japan’s National Police Agency has made him old. As the father of light, Soichiro and light have some notable similarities, such as their height (5’11.3 ″ (181 cm)) and the need for justice.

Soichiro’s experience brought him down as the leader of the Japanese task force that was tasked with removing Kira. However, it is his determination for justice that compels him to continue the task force, even when the state no longer pays.

In general, Soichiro prioritizes his job and world justice over family, but he insists that the light is not Kira. He is certainly wrong, but what a rare time it is that Soichiro keeps his job away from his family.

Tauta Matsuda – 14 December

Tauta Matsuda

Tauta Matsuda - 14 December
Tauta Matsuda – 14 December

One of the youngest Japanese task force officers, Tauta Matsuda, was 25 years old when he first became acquainted with the Death Note with the Task Force. Her short 5’8.5 ″ (174 cm) height and random hair make her look even younger. By the time he was 30, Tauta was obviously physically mature after 5 years of time off.

As a member of the youngest task force, Tauter does not have the same career experience as the others. Despite the injury, he often jumps into what he thinks is the right choice. Although he has used, such as Misa-Misa (Misa show name) his surprisingly extensive knowledge.

The more time he is involved with the task force, the less simple he will become. This is made very clear by how he works after the time has passed.

Shuichi Aizawa – 11 May


Shuichi Aizawa - 11 May
Shuichi Aizawa – 11 May

i Aizawa was about 34 years old when he was introduced as a member of the Japanese Task Force. He is the perfect person for the task force because he is not only smart but also a 6 ″ (183 cm) force, which helps keep himself and his team members safe on the field.

Like many experienced members of the task force, Shuchi seems to be older than she is because of the pressures of her job. He doesn’t have too much patience for immaturity, which is why he often snaps at touts.

Although it takes time for most members of the task force to believe LK, Shuchi is wary of both LK and Light. However, its legitimacy is stronger than its doubts. Despite the way she questions in the light, Shuchi saves her life on a few occasions.

Hirokazu Ukita – 9 November

Hirokazu Ukita - 9 November
Hirokazu Ukita – 9 November

Hirokazu Ukita is one year older than Tauter at 26, but physically he looks younger because he is only 5’3 ″ (161 cm). That being said, Hirokazu does not show the same stupidity and immaturity as members of his fellow Japanese forces.

Hirokazu remains loyal to the task force even after losing his funds and transferring Kira to the investigation team. Like the rest of the team, he is an asset.

But when he is determined to settle the case, he can be very enthusiastic about bringing Kira to justice. This sometimes leads to careless decisions, which the team has to fix later.

Kanjo Mogi – 13 September

Kanjo Mogi - 13 September
Kanjo Mogi – 13 September

Kanjo Mogi has enough experience to become a reliable officer when he was introduced to the Japanese Task Force at the age of 30. Most would expect Kanzo to be a tough guy with his huge 6’2 ″ (188 cm), but he’s the exact opposite.

For the most part, Kanjo holds himself back and does his job well. He doesn’t talk too much and often doesn’t put forward ideas in the same way as other task force members. However, he played an important role in the proposed plans.

Kanjo changes completely when he has to do fieldwork and work as Misa’s manager. He suddenly becomes arrogant and overly excited, which is quite an impressive change considering how he usually is.

Kiyosuke Higuchi – June 8

Kiyosuke Higuchi - June 8
Kiyosuke Higuchi – June 8

Despite being an important figure in the Yosuba Corporation, Kiyosuke Higuchi is quite uncomfortable. He is only 5’6.5 ″ (i.e. 169 cm) tall and is a 32-year-old general businessman. But as average as he may seem, Higuchi is violent and ruthless.

When Light decides that using the Death Note is too risky, he finds RAM to be a scarecrow who will use the Death Note for their own benefit.

This is what led Kyosu to become the third Kira. However, as Light had hoped, Kyosuke was indifferent to his murder, and soon after Misa tricked him into confessing to the tape, he revealed himself to the Japanese task force as Kira.

Aiber – July 17

Aiber - July 17
Aiber – July 17

Aiber is 33 years older and 6’2.5 ″ (189 cm) taller and taller than L. However, like many of L’s elders, Aiber is very much influenced by L’s dignity and power.

Aiberis a rotten crook and it’s one of the many questionable ways to get what he wants Despite its average height, Aiber has the impressive ability to force itself into any social group to gather information.

He only shows up in anime a few times, but when he does appear, L always needs to know something that only anyone with Aiber’s charisma can get.


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